Leo July 2014 Horoscope

Leo July 2014 Horoscope

This summer 2014 Astrology Leo: Really like & Relationships

The leader of Leo's home of partners will be well aspectated in This summer 2014 so you'll have all the positive conditions.

The assistance will come from a less noticeable position though, which motivates hidden romanticism rather than too clearly passionate symptoms.

In the first aspect of This summer 2014, Venus will be in an position positive to connections depending on relationship and fringe movement. It guarantees a lot of fun and delivers expressive possibilities assisted by buddies, by socializing or by contribution in team actions (shows, congresses, team tasks, etc.).

On This summer Sixteenth 2014 a very sifnificant occasion will take place: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, will get into Leo. Thus will start a season of achievements and satisfactions on several stages, among which the expressive one because Jupiter is the leader of Leo's home of affection and sex.

Your love & connections horoscope for This summer 2014 can be better recognized in the perspective of Leo love & connections horoscope 2014 (opens in new window).

July 2014 Astrology Leo: Profession & Money

In the first aspect of This summer 2014, you can depend on very excellent reputation, on assistance on part of buddies, guards or lovers. You'll create harmoniously and viably in the tasks that will carry together several people that discuss the same objective.

However, you seem to absence passion. You'll recover, though, in the second aspect of the 30 days.

On This summer Sixteenth 2014, the great Jupiter will get into Leo: for one season you'll reside in a environment of development and positive outlook, in which life will be interesting, things will occur to your benefits, there will be various possibilities to enhance the content, expert and public position.

Everything will be very excellent, on one condition: that you are average.

With the Sun in Leo, by the part of Jupiter, the last decan in This summer 204 foreshadows to be lucky, nice, maybe even amazing.

July 2014 Astrology Leo: Health and fitness & Morale

The first aspect of This summer 2014 could be noticeable by a somehow innovative condition of exhaustion and by higher weeknesses to illnesses. The neurological program could also be rather poor.

You'd better prevent over solicitation, have some relax and try to relax.

The second aspect of This summer 2014 will carry a form to jealousy, with a lot of actual power, with passion and frustrating positive outlook.